Alternative Meeting:

After saving her mother from Helheim, unknown to Lara, her actions in the past change the past, present and future.

Since in this alternative reality Lara saved her mother when she was 16, she never visited Inge Wagner's club, thus she never met Cate since she never needed to search for Thor's hammer to open the gates to Helheim. Cate and Tom went on their first mission together and succesfully accomplished it, while Bunny never met Darci in the Baroness' brothel. In the alternate present, Darci was the only prostitute in the brothel and escaped by herself. Lara, Cate, Bunny and Amelia are the only ones who remember both versions of their life.

While re-visiting Inge Wagner's nightclub, Lara and Cate are told about their alternate meeting by Setsuna Maiou herself. Lara and Cate met at Anaya Imanu's residence. Lara is called by Anaya because she believes her house is haunted, while coincidentally, Cate and Tom are sent on a mission at Anaya's house, since the house's former proprioters were believed to be HARM agents.