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Welcome to the Croft meets Archer WikiEdit

Croft meets Archer is a series aired on Youtube in which Lara Croft meets Cate Archer and they both team up meeting new characters from various other games and defeat evil. It is made by SetsunaMaiou.

Message from SetsunaMaiouEdit

"Keep in mind that this site concentrates on the fan series only, so don’t use it as an official source of information about characters or plots from the games. All rights concerning the real game characters and contents still belong to their respective owners, this is just my own world with my own characters who share the same names." -SetsunaMaiou

Rules from the Administrator of this WikiaEdit

I would just like to make it clear to everyone NOT to create any new articles without my permission! I would like this Wikia to be created in a neat and orderly way, with most sections of the series (characters, locations etc) done in different bits! Thank you.

General PlotEdit

The series centers around Lara Croft and Cate Archer's search for five ancient artifacts (the Infada Stone, the Eye of Isis, Element 115, the Ora Dagger and the Hands of Rathmore) in order to put an end to their arch-enemies' world domination plans.The series started off when Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) and Cate Archer (No One Lives Forever) meet in the fictional German club; Zur Einsamen Walkure (The Lonely Walkyrie). They are both there for different reasons. Lara is there because she thought that the name Walkure was a refrence to Valhala, the Norsk underworld on a search for Thor's Hammer and thinking it was an entrance. Cate is there because she has a blind date with Tom Goodman (No One Lives Forever). She then implies that she hopes the date won't make her blind and that they are already deaf from Inge Wagner's (No One Lives Forever) singing (or barking as Cate calls it). Lara then asks Cate a favour; to sleep with Tom and find out what his penis looks like so Lara can get help to find out where her Mother, Lady Amelia Croft (Tomb Raider) is. She wants Thor's Hammer to kill Jacqueline Natla (Tomb Raider), an immortal godess who wants to take over the world. Cate implies that she has someone just like Natla, the reception woman in the lobby of UNITY, who even if she uses the weapons cheat and shoots her in the face 1,000,000 times, she still won't die. Tom then arrives at the club, so Cate goes off. She asks Tom if he would like a light, but he says he doesn't smoke. She then asks him: "So would your dick care for a light then?" and he gets frightened, and runs off. Episodes 1 and 3 were remade later in the series to fill in plot holes.

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