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Darci Stern

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34, May 7th

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Darci Stern is a police officer working in Union City, but also one of the six main heroes. She's seen for the first time in the third episode, "Dumas Industrial Whorehouse", with Bunny and Ada Wong. She talks about her recent work, an investigation about a project made by Umbrella Corporation, a virus which was never created to use it against the world, but an organisation called H.A.R.M. wanted to steal it and that's what she's been told by Dr. Otto Schenker. It only failed when Ada Wong knocked her down, and brought her to the Baroness. She meets Lara and Cate in the fourth episode, when they've been captured themselves and brought to the brothel. She escaped the brothel with them and Bunny. At the end of the second part of "Flight!", it is shown that Darci doesn't have a very high IQ... she clearly specifies that calculating 1000 + 47 isn't an easy work for a police officer, but rather for a mathematician. She was killed at the end of the series by a black hole.

Darci Spiel

Darci, as she appears in her game, Urban Chaos

First appearance: Episode 3 - "Dumas Industrial Whorehouse"


After Escaping the Whorehouse...Edit

Darci was one of the 3 Elite Prostitutes working for The Baroness when she first met Lara Croft and Cate Archer. They plan an escape route through the brothel, and are successful and decide to stay in an old abandoned house in the Alps. Lara's Doppelganger soon arrives though, and this is when things change. They find a Wishing Well in the backyard which has the ability to teleport people to places where they would most like to be. Out of all of the characters there at that time, Darci was the only one not to go through the Wishing Well, but was still affected by the actions taken place when Cate and Bunny were in the past. When they manage to save Lara's Mother (Amelia), it means that Lara never needed to look for Helheim in the first place and Bunny never worked at the whorehouse, thus, in this reality, Darci had not met any of the group, much to the dismay of Bunny. She explains that she and Ada Wong were the only prostitutes working for the Baroness and had escaped by herself. Despite this, Darci seems to warm to the group quite normally and acts no different than what she did before the events of the Wishing Well. 

Becoming a HeroEdit

Darci is not seen again until Episode 20, when she agrees to let Lara, Cate and Tom reside in her's and Bunny's home in Union City. Since Darci is still a Police Officer at this time, she is given an assignment at Silent Racoon concerning the Zombie Crisis. Bunny starts to worry when she doesn't come home on the night that Cate, Tom and Lara were planning to visit the zombie infested city. She asks them to find Darci in the city, in which they comply. Cate, after finding Claire in the city earlier on, finds Darci in the Police Department with Heather Mason and heavily wounded Marvin Branagh. Darci explains that the zombie outbreak has spread and hopes the infection stays within Silent Racoon. They find Ada Wong in the Police Station, Darci becomes angry since she is working for the Baroness and threatnes to shoot Ada. Against Darci's will, Cate agrees to let Ada come along the trip through Silent Racoon. As Marvin begins to transform into a zombie from his injuries, Ada attemps to shoot him, but Darci stops her from doing this, before shooting him herself for the safety of the group. It is not clear as to why Darci didn't just let Ada shoot Marvin, but perhaps it was because she wanted someone of a more friendly nature to do it. Darci escapes Silent Racoon with Heather and Claire after this, whilst Cate stays there to finish off her business with Volcov.The next morning, Ada returns to tell the group that there would be no point in trying to stop them, and in trying to intimidate them she gives out the location of the two other meteorite shivers: London and Nevada. Tom, Lara and Cate start to speculate on what to do about this, and at that moment, Darci, Bunny and Claire join their team, making them the Six Heroes.

The SplitEdit

The team decide to split up to find the two metorite shivers. Darci goes with Bunny and Lara to Nevada to find Element 115. Lara visits Von Croy for information on the artefact and it's whereabouts. After finding out that they need to get to Area 51 through a High Security Compound whichdelivers trucks to the facility. They make their way to a High Security Compound and try to make their way to a delivery van, but are soon enough ambushed by Lauren, Lara's Doppelganger. She attacks the trio, and escapes in one of the vans. They get locked in the High Security Compound temporarily, but Bunny turns into Sailor Moon and destroys the door. Later on, they run into Felix Wagner, who is one of the guards at the High Security Compound. Darci beats him up, and Lara goes on to torture him into giving them information about how to get into Area 51. He tells them that the delivery vans won't be operating again until the next day. Lara knocks him out, and they begin to try and find another way out. They find a helicopter and fly to Area 51. After arriving, they take a look around and find a spaceship, along with Ig-Naro, a stranded Alien who came to Earth many years before to explore with his friends, but were captured by the soldiers of Area 51 and most of them were killed for experiments. He explains that his family are still on his planet, and after consideration, Lara, Bunny, and Darci decide to help him by launching a rocket to free the spaceship. When the rocket is launched, however, a servo robot sets off the alarm and there is a panic to escape the facility before they all get killed. After searching through all the keys that she picked up, Darci finally manages to free Ig-Naro. He explains to them that The Doppelganger had been there before them and had escaped with Element 115. He also implies that she can be controlled by saying the phrase "Ork Eshivar". After he escapes with his spaceship, they run into Felix again, although he is unconcious. Darci explains how she rememberes him as a customer that came to her in the brothel when she was still a prostitute, and that he had some weird wishes in terms of sex. They take the helicopter again to get out of Area 51 and find The Doppelganger running through the desert. Lara shouts "Ork Eshivar" and commands the Doppelganger to give her Element 115, in which she complies and hands it over. They realise that the artefact increases one's stamina when equiped. They also decide to take Lauren home with them.

Going to CurulEdit

After rescuing Heather from the Hospital where Claudia and Natla were situated, the group decided to go to Mamele, which was an island next to Curul, which was where the Ora Dagger was. Since Lara was worried about her friends being in danger in London, she decided to bring all of her friends with her to stay at Mamele for safety. This included Amelia (although she is counted as a relative, rather than a friend), Anaya, Amanda, Heather, Winston, and Alister. As well as Cate, Bunny, Tom, Claire and Darci accompanying them as normal who would eventually take on the dangerous mission to Curul. When they get to Curul, the group set out to find the artefact, but are soon ambushed by natives. One of these natives, Totec, who Lara remembered from her previous expedition to the island, agrees to help them under Claire's persuasion. After crossing the lake of dinosour excrements, Claire, Tom and Bunny go to try and find mobile reception whilst Totec, Lara, Cate and Darci go on to the village. Claire, Tom and Bunny are attacked by more natives who when Bunny tries to kill, her attack backfires and kills her. Darci, Cate, Lara and Totec meet Claire and Tom later at the Madabu Gorge and try to get a sample of dinosour sperm, but are then ambushed by yet more natives, and when Tom tries to kill them with the Bacalov Corrector gun, it explodes in his hand and he is pushed into the river, killing him as well. An outraged Cate then shoots the remaining tribespeople and declares Tom dead, whilst Claire also explains Bunny's death, leaving Darci enraged. She then goes to beat up Totec, who works out what their intentions on the Island are; to get the Ora Dagger. He jumps on Cate and steals the dinosour excrement. They decide to follow Totec back to his village and get the sample back, and on their way they find Aio, a tribeswoman who had not been killed by Cate, and bears an uncanny resemblence to Darci. When she leads them to the village, the group decide to use Darci as a disguise and pretent to be Aio. She finds this unbelievably uncomfortable, especially when a tribesman tries to speak to her in an unknown language, asking her for sex. Darci, not knowing what he is saying, nods her head and tries to walk away, but the tribesman tries to mount her. Another wounded tribesman then recognises Darci from before, and they kill her on the spot. Cate and Lara get knocked out by the natives and Claire escapes to another part of the village. Lara and Cate are then caged and the natives try to burn them alive to be eaten, Claire tries in her best efforts to save them and is successful in the end and the trio escape the village. Night falls, and they try to rest up outside the temple containing the Ora Dagger, but Claire insists on going inside alone and finding the Dagger. When she does so, the Doppelganger shows up and attacks Lara and Cate. She shoots Cate, killing her, and then after a boob duel with Lara, kills her too. Claire finds the Ora Dagger, and then battles Lauren. Lara's Father shows up at that point, and tells Claire that she can save her friends by going through the Magic Wishing Well. Hel shows up to confront Claire again, and like on Mamele, tells her that if she saves her friends, another person in the circle of friends would die (this person, was presumed by Claire to be Alister). After a fateful desicion, Claire still decides to go back and save Bunny, Tom, Darci, Cate and Lara. She is ultimately successful in doing so, and makes corrections to the mistakes that the group had made in the past; Bunny attacking the tribesman with the hammer with her Tiara, Tom using the Bacolov Corrector, and going to the village of the natives. She also saves the lost baby, and defeats Totec and Lauren when they try to attack Lara, Cate and Tom. They return to Mamele immediately after they find the Ora Dagger.

Lovesick HolidaysEdit

After the adventure on Curul, the group still had some time to relax around the Mamele Hotel. Whilst holding The Eye of Isis, Darci's IQ becomes significantly higher, therefore explaining the artefacts powers. Later on that day, Darci tries to help Bunny write down all of the details about Princess Heart, but they have a large argument in their room rusulting in them ignoring each other for a short time. During this time, Darci goes to the beach and witnesses the conflict there when Tom comes out of the sea, claiming that she wants to see if Lara is as stupid as Bunny since she had changed her hair colour to blonde. Then after Cate declines Ken's invite to go on a date, Darci and Lara come to her and convince her to change her mind and give him a chance. That night, Lara, Cate, Ken and Heather get captured by Claudia and taken to her secret stronghold. Amanda, Darci, Claire, Bunny and Tom go to rescue them. They decide to split up and go different ways. Darci and Bunny go together, whilst still in a feud and get themselves lost. Whilst trying to find their way around, they argue again and Darci tries to go back to avoid Bunny, but as she goes on her way she slips down and lands in a swamp. Meanwhile, Tom, Claire and Amanda find the stronghold and Amanda gets trapped in a room filled with sunlight and a magic cauldron. When Tom and Claire find the others, Claudia comes along with a VooDoo doll which transports Tom into an alternate universe where everything is the opposite.

Darci in the OtherworldEdit

When Tom gets taken into the alternate universe (or Otherworld), he tries to find help from anyone he can. Lara and Cate, who appear to hate each other in this universe, direct him to Darci for information as to what could be going on. In this world, Darci is a teacher with an unbelievably high IQ, and she is a Scientist, Psychologist, Politician and Anthropologist working as a Headteacher at a High School which used to be run by Alister Fletcher. She also speaks very fast and uses very large confusing words, and is homophobic. When Tom explains his story to Darci, she is fascinated, but at that moment she gets am important phone call and Tom accidentally lets slip that he is gay, resulting in Darci throwing him, Lara and Cate out of the window of the school. Tom becomes angry and yells to Darci that in the original world she is a militant lesbian, which results in Darci trying to shoot them. After finding about this worlds Dark Lady, who turns out to be Anaya; Tom, Cate, Lara, Bunny, Felix (who in this world is called Lucinda-Chantall), Inge Wagner and Claudia (one of the cities angels in this world) go to her Castle to fight the evil trinity, who turn out to be Amanda, Rebecca Chambers, Heather, Claire, Alister, Jill Valentine and Darci herself. A fight breaks out here, in which Felix punches Darci and she falls into the river outside. Alister is killed by Bunny's prayer to god and Amanda is defeated by Cate when she locks her in a dark room, which kills her since in this world Amanda is a Plant Person, making vunerable to darkness rather than light. Claudia is also killed by Anaya here and the group run back to Tom's house. Inge states that there is a secret house in the forest, but on their way there she gets ran over by a school bus being driven by Jill. The whole trinity appear, but as the group try to escape they are confronted by Anaya. At this moment, flashing images of Amanda stirring the cauldron in the sunlit room are seen, and Anaya brings out the same VooDoo doll that Claudia had in the original universe, which she starts using on Tom. Tom then has an epiphany about the comparisons concerning the original universe and the alternative universe. Felix disappears, and Claire's original universe incarnation is seen standing in the alternative universe momentarily. We then see Darci falling into the river at Mamele and at Anaya's Castle, Amanda being killed by the darkness and by the sunlight, Lara crying and laughing at the word "Thames", and Cate stating that she needs something between her legs and then saying she doesn't want to sleep with Ken. The VooDoo doll in Claudia's hand then explodes, having something to do with Amanda mixing the cauldron, and Tom returns to the original universe. Amanda is then killed by sunlight. Darci's fate in the Otherworld is left unknown. It can be presumed that in this world, Anaya and her minions ended up defeating the Cities Angels, and taking over the world, since in the original universe it is the opposite by the end of the series. Therefore, Darci most likely survived and continued working for Anaya, although this theory cannot be proved. 

Looking for clues before troubleEdit

At the point of Tom's return, Darci is still stuck in the swamp. Bunny climbs down to save her and although is successful in doing so (despite falling over a few times), she gets herself and Darci stuck on a small delta in the swamp. Darci says thank you to Bunny for saving her, but Bunny is too embarrassed to welcome Darci, and just says she saved her because she was bored. Darci implies that it's a good thing they got trapped together because they can talk about their relationship and sort things out. Later on, Amelia comes along and finds them trapped on the delta. She helps them escape by using her expanding boobs, which they climb on to. When they arrive back at the hotel, they are greeted with Alister and Amanda's death. Lara (who has been trying to keep her emotions in from Amanda and Alister's death),  expresses strongly that only her, Cate and Tom go to Japan to find the Baroness whilst the others stay in hiding in London. This leaves the group confused, since both Alister and Amanda's deaths were not at the hands of the enemies, and were both natural causes. After this, Darci, Bunny and Tom explain to Anaya that she might be Princess Heart. They tell her she needs to have had a relative who died and came back to life, in which Anaya replies telling them she once had a cousin who died by being impaled by a sharp object in a storm, but there was a small chance he lived. Little did they know that she was actually talking about Ken Omnibusin, who had actually been impaled with an axe by Volcov and revived by the Baroness. When they return to London, Darci and Bunny decide to accompany Anaya for clues in her old home in the sub urbs of London. Anaya has a flashback to when she was 12 or 13 years old of Kevin (or Ken) telling her that he'd hidden an object somewhere in the house and she had to find it. She never found it since he had hidden it in her parents room which she wasn't allowed to enter. They decide to investigate it, and find a genie lamp. The genie that emits tells them that he will grant three questions to them. At this point, Darci gets ahead of herself and stupidly asks the genie if he is real, using up one of their questions. Bunny shouts at Darci, asking her if she's stupid, in which the genie also uses as a question. Anaya yells and tells them to be quiet so she can ask the genie something. She asks him if Kevin is alive, to which he replies that he is. Anaya tries to reason with the genie to grant them another question since he answered something he was not meant to, but the genie refuses and disappears. Disppointed; Anaya, Darci and Bunny then leave the house and return home. When Darci returns with Anaya and Bunny to Anaya's house, they find that Amelia and Heather were ambushed by Claudia, who sets a spell off to destroy the house. Anaya runs in to save Heather, and Bunny and Darci stay outside. Fumble, Kid, Kold, and Rebecca show up, followed shortly by Claire and Felix. With all of them panicking, Amelia (who had already escaped the house) tells them that Claudia is there to obtain Heather's Key, which Fumble, Kid and Kold already found beside the rubbish bin outside the house. Anaya teleports Heather outside the house, who is hysterical at this point due to the fact she doesn't know where she put her key. Fumble rushes in to talk to Claudia and try to get her to stop fighting with Anaya, since they have the key. Claudia refuses, and they both cast a spell at the same time which blows the house apart, throwing everyone outside back. Night falls, and Heather and Amelia go to help Anaya out from the remains of the house. Anaya dies at their feet, leaving Heather an emotional wreck. 

Darci's CaptureEdit

After the events at Anaya's house, Cate, Lara and Tom return from Japan with the Infada Stone and they agree to meet in a brothel called Namwaba somewhere in London wearing disguises. Whilst planning the disguise with Bunny at Rebecca's house, Darci decides to go home. On her way out of the house though she overhears Fumble and Kold speaking together in the bathroom about Natla. Kold comes out of the bathroom, and Darci becomes alarmed on the spot, which results in Kold attacking her, knocking her out. Kold opts to kill her, but Fumble says it would be a better idea to take her to Claudia, in which they do so. Darci does not show up at Namwaba, instead she gets taken to Natla's Castle and has her body swapped with Claudias (which is scortched from the explosion at Anaya's house). Darci (who is actually Claudia in diguise at this point) goes back to Cate's house, and Cate asks her why she didn't show up in the brothel. Darci stumbles for a reason, but at that moment, Cate sympathises her about how the meeting place for the assemblage of the artefacts had been a brothel, assuming that it would have been too hard on Darci's feelings since she used to work in a brothel. Darci agree's with this reason and moves swiftly on to the subject of the artefacts. Darci then says some things to make Cate suspicious of her, like when she unassures Cate about Anaya's death because they thought she was Princess Heart, and calling Bunny Sailor Moon. 

Bunny's pastEdit

When Bunny goes through the Wishing Well again to find out about the Fifth Meteorite Artefact, Darci appears as one of her friends in this past time. Bunny is confused by this since Darci was not involved in her life until the events of the Whorehouse, but Fumble (who is incarnated as Bunny's old cat) tells her that she isn't experiencing an exact copy of her past, but rather a re-telling with the people of the future mixed in. Darci tells Bunny to hurry up or they'll be late for school. When they arrive, Darci lecture's Bunny for taking so long and expresses that she doesn't want to be late for Maths. Bunny counters this and asks Darci why she is so concerned about maths since she hates it anyway. Darci then asks Bunny why she keeps calling her "Darci" and that her name is actually "Amy". Bunny understands that Darci has taken form of Amy Mizuno, a friend from her past, but when Bunny asks if her surname is Mizuno, Darci (or Amy) replies that her surname is Stern, just like in the original reality. Bunny understands completely after this. She meets the other Sailor Soldiers later in the day, and also finds that Felix is her French teacher, and Mr Smith (or Mr Rathmore in this reality) is Darci's Maths teacher, who hypnotised all his students, including Darci herself. At this moment in time in the real world, Tom, Lara and Heather went to the cafe to stop Mr Smith from harming Amelia after they arranged a date online. Mr Smith attemps to shoot Amelia. She falls to the floor and is presumed dead. Meanwhile, Bunny and the other Sailor Soldiers transform. They find strange gauntlet type things on Mr Rathmore's hands, which turn out to be The Hands of Rathmore. Amelia picks herself up and says she didn't take any shots from Mr Smith. Bunny tries to get Darci to snap out of her hypnosis state in the past world and she eventually does, and turns into a Sailor Soldier. Then, in both worlds, Mr Smith/Mr Rathmore are defeated at the same time. Bunny finds what Mr Rathmore left behind, and then remembers the Fifth Artefact. She returns to the normal world after this. 

Melnikov IslandEdit

Claire confesses to the group that there was a dark skinned lady at the cafe who dropped a piece of paper with the words "Go to Melnikov Island" on it. At this time, Darci returns to The Castle and informs the Baroness and Natla of where the others are going. Lara has a house at Melnicov Island that used to belong to Alister's family, but since his death it belongs to her. Darci settles with the group and starts arguing with Bunny again. When night falls, it is decided that Bunny and Darci will sleep in the lving room together with Claire. Claire decides to slip to the bathroom when Bunny and Darci begin to argue again, and on her way she passes Lara, who assumes she left the room because of their conflicting. Claire explains that something is wrong with Darci, and that she is more aggressive than usual. After finding the map of the train route that Sheva left in the kitchen for Claire to find, herself, Lara and Cate decide to re-dispose the group to make it easier for them to sleep. Ken moves downstairs so that Tom can't grope him anymore and Bunny moves into Larson and Amelia's room, in which she has sex with Larson later on in the night. Claire has a dream of Claudia showing up at the house and killing them all, foreshadowing the future since Claudia is infact among them in Darci's body. In the morning, Darci speaks to Natla on the phone in the bathroom and brings her up to date of the current events, and then later on after she returns with Amelia from their walk, she goes into the bathroom again, but this time Claire follows her and tries to confront her about her issues with Bunny, before seeing Claudia's reflection in the mirror when Darci stood in front of it. Alarmed, Claire goes to the living room to confide in Lara, Bunny and Amelia and tells them that she is sure Darci is not herself and that Claudia may be among them. The rest of them reject this assumption, assuming strongly that Claudia had died in the explosion of Anaya's House.

Real identity revealedEdit

A few hours later when everyone had gone to bed, Darci tries to sneak out of the house to go to the Furnace of the Gods and ambush Lara, Cate and the others. She is followed by Claire. When Darci reaches her destination, Claire witnesses her teleporting through a tree with four stone daises around it. Darci arrives in the crashed train that Larson and Ken are trapped in. Ken is perplexed at her arrival and begs her to help him get Larson out of the rubble he is trapped under, Darci shoots him and leaves him and Larson for dead. Claire teleports by accident just like Darci did, and goes inside the burning train, only to find Ken and Larson in their grave states. Ken explains how Darci shot him, and Claire runs off to find her. Darci runs into Lara and Cate who have just met Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar who have the Hands of Rathmore. Darci requests to weild them, in which she does so, giving her increased strength. On their way out, Claire finds them and tries to warn them of Darci's change of personality, but when she sees Chris she becomes speechless and Darci shoves her off the bridge into the molten gold. Claire is saved by Lara's grapple hook which brings her back up. Darci finds her way back to the house before everyone else, and when she returns, Bunny is in the kitchen and is confronted by Darci. Bunny starts to comment on how Darci of all people forgot it was her birthday, to which Darci replies with some comments about how everyone will bow before her and she will become invinsible. Bunny starts to make fun of her for this, calling her a "megalomaniac fartcake", and accuses her of being jealous about her new relationship with Larson. Darci loses her temper and accuses Bunny (and all other "ordinary humans") as being way too sensitive about things that don't really matter. She punches the wall and it breaks, then weilds all the other artefacts to make herself invincible. Bunny becomes struck by this, and transformes into Sailor Moon to try and defeat Darci, although when she throws her Tiara at her, it backfires, missing Bunny by inches, who runs outside to warn the others who just arrived back from the Furnace. Darci confessess herself as being Claudia. The group are then attacked by her with the power of the artefacts, but come up with a plan to remove some of the artefacts to stop her power. They succeed in romoving the Ora Dagger, Eye of Isis and Element 115, but Darci repelles and becomes enraged at them. At this moment, Amelia comes along with her new Sasquatch friends, and orders them to defeat Darci. They knock her down, which brings off the Hands of Rathmore from her wrists. She escapes with the Infada Stone. Bunny makes a promise to save Darci's soul after this. 

The RescueEdit

When everyone returns to England, Bunny goes to Baroness Dumas' Residence to find Darci. At this point, The Baroness leaves her house to go to Natla's Castle. We then see Claudia's body with Darci's spirit trapped inside, and she tells them that even if they kill her, the rest of her friends will put an end to their evil plans. Claudia (still in Darci's body) requests that before they swap bodies again, she wants the legs on her original body to be epilated so that they're nice and smooth for when they return to their original bodies again. Darci (in Claudia's body) is then tortured by an epilator. The Baroness then returns to her house, only to find that Bunny has her husband at gunpoint and her Butler knocked out in the corner. She points her other gun at The Baroness and declares to know the whereabouts of Darci. The Baroness tells her that Darci's body is no longer needed for the people at Natla's Castle, and if she wants to save her then that's where she should go. Bunny goes there right away, weilding the Ora Dagger in one hand and her pistol in the other. She is confronted by Fumble as soon as she enters the Castle and they fight. Bunny is surprised by her abilities, being just a cat. Meanwhile, Lara, Cate and Tom find out about Bunny's solo run to the Castle and swiftly go there at once, with the artefacts in hand. When they enter, they find Darci, heavily wounded on the stairwell. Cate at once implies that they can't be sure it really is Darci, and that it could still be Claudia. Claudia's body then comes out of the room where she had been held in captivity, and expresses how lovely it is to have smooth legs without having to endure any pain. But, we see shortly after that Claudia is actually being held at gunpoint by Douglas Cartland, who also has Bunny under his grasp with the Ora Dagger positioned across her neck, proving that Claudia and Darci had in fact not swapped bodies, and Darci was being forced to pretend to be Claudia. Heather comes running in at that moment, and Lara becomes startled. Darci punches Lara, and Bunny shoots Douglas with the spare pistol she had. Heather also finds her key in another room, which she uses to transform into Princess Heart. She uses her powers to swap Claudia and Darci's bodies back to normal. Heather destroys the place where Claudia is standing and she gets knocked back, throwing the Infada Stone off of her neck which Lara grabs. Heather then faints and wakes up shortly after, not remembering anything. 

Mission in GreeceEdit

Darci travels to Greece with Bunny, Tom and Felix to find Tihocan's Tomb. There, they meet Fiona Belli and she takes them to the chapel where they can reside. Whilst sitting in the Monastery, Natla spies on them through a telescope and is apporached by Albert Wesker, who offers to help her by going into the chapel. Fiona shows them around the Monastery. They get shown the Penis of Midas, which is situated above the door which is never opened. They meet Brother Pierre and Sister Margot. Sister Margot tells them that Midas had the ability to turn anything into gold, and that one day when he was masturbating, his penis turned into gold itself, and that nobody is allowed to go past the door which it is placed above. Bunny states that the reason they never go in is because of the ugly carpet in front of the door. After this, they begin to enjoy their time in the Monastery, but Pierre returns in a panic, without his robes on and starts talking to Margot in French. Felix, who understands French, explains that he was saying he got attacked in the garden by a tall blonde man with sunglasses. In the night, a gunshot is heard outside the dormitories and they all run out to find Pierre, who tells them that the blonde guy went through the door which is never opened. After some fast talking, they manage to convince Sister Margot to let them go through the door. When they enter, they find the statue of midas on a pedestal. There is also a Statue of Wrath nearby, which brings all of their worst fears to life. A warewolf comes out of nowhere and starts to chase everyone, but aims mostly for Pierre since warewolves are his worst fear. Bunny and Darci run into a room filled with ugly carpets, and Bunny starts to lose her mind. Then a fake Claudia appears, pins Darci down and begins to epilate her legs. After everyone becomes confronted by their fears, Felix makes a realisation that if you tell the fear that you aren't afraid, it will disappear and you will be safe. Everyone overcomes their fears and become safe, but are faced with the problem of Wesker, who is in the temple of Midas with them. The group are reluctant to trust him, since Chris told them that he was a traitor, but they use him to get to Tihocan's Tomb nonetheless. Fiona and Pierre take Margot's golden body back to the Monastery whilst the others solve a puzzle. They get the bowl of fruits which must be turned into gold to proceed. Bunny attempts to do the job of turning them into gold, but becomes frightned and accidentally touches the Midas Statue, turning her into gold as well. Pierre returns from the Monastery just after this, and Darci asks him to take her body back as well. He refuses, and confesses to being a traitor to all of them. Darci doesn't care about this, and insists someone must take Darci back. Tom and Felix take her back, and Darci goes in alone with Pierre and Wesker to the Tomb. When they enter, they open the coffin and find it to be an emtpy casket, with a piece of paper inside. Wesker brings out a pistol to Darci and threatens her with it, whislt Pierre gets the paper. Wesker goes over to Pierre again to "discuss their plans", but shoots him in the head at that moment, and grabs the paper. A fight then breaks out between Darci and Wesker. Wesker unfortunately gets away with the paper, to Darci's dispair. She returns to the Monastery and informs the others, and insists not leaving until Bunny is turned back to normal. 

An old enemy turned goodEdit

We do not see Darci again until Episode 131, when The Baroness gets her henchman to seige the UNITY Headquarters. Darci and the others had just arrived back from Greece, only to find that the Headquarters had been infiltrated. Darci and Felix fight off the henchmen in the waiting room, but are tranquilised by Ken who is closely followed by The Baroness and Ada Wong. Ada shoots Mister Jones, leaving Tom enraged. The Baroness gets into the Secret Apartment and attemps to shoot Heather. Amelia comes to guard her and talk some sense into her, and whilst this is going on, Darci regains conciousness and rushes down to the apartment with Tom and Felix, who also came around. Amelia and Heather convince The Baroness to change her ways, and she lowers her gun. They return upstairs and Mister Jones is declared dead. Tom and Felix stay at UNITY to help tidy up the mess with Leon Scott Kennedy. Darci and Bunny go to The Baroness' house. During the wait for Lara and Cate to arrive, Darci lectures The Baroness for having so much hatred to her husband, Archibald. Cate and Lara arrive and are unsure of the situation. Nevertheless, The Baroness gives them information about what people not to trust, and warns them that Natla knows what they're all up to and tells them where she is headed so that they can get there in time and stop her. At this point, they hear a window smashing and find Natla, Ada and Wesker in the house. Natla immediately orders Ada and Wesker to kill them. Alexia and Alfred Ashford also show up and a fight breaks out. Bunny begins to have an amusing catfight with Alexia, leaving Darci to fight Alfred, who she chases away and beats up. She returns to the mansion shortly after and keeps guard on Ada, as Cate runs upstairs to save The Baroness. Unfortunately, Cate's attempts to save her are in vain, and even though Archibald tries to also save The Baroness from her death, she jumps infront of Alexia's powers and is killed immediately. Heather comes to the rescue with Amelia, however, and all the enemies are teleported to face her outside. They become afraid, and flee the mansion grounds.

Friends wreak havocEdit

Darci is once again not seen for a long time, since herself, Bunny and Tom were not on the Antarctic Mission, which was the focus for quite a long string of episodes. She only appears again in Episode 141, but not as herself. She is portrayed in a vision of Claire's, foreseeing the future of her friends worst sins taking over their personalities. Darci's sin is Sloth, and she is lounging on Cate's sofa and Bunny is shouting at her (showing her Rage sin), and Cate begins to say that they should go back to their house in Union City since it's more pretty than her house anyway (showing her Envy sin). Claire decides to go to Lara's Mansion, which was rebuilt very quickly, and encounters Gluttonous Felix and Lustful Tom outside. She gets chased out by Greedy Lara, however, who weilds Sheva's old golden luger pistol after showing all of the other objects she stole from numerous places and people. She escapes to Cate's House again and tells her everything that just happened, but soon realises that Lara called Cate and told her everything that Claire had done at the mansion, and Bunny had insformed Lara of Claire's whereabouts. Soon, the whole group turn on Claire for vandalising Lara's Artefacts and start to try and kill her. Claire runs into Sheva and Chris, and Pride-Filled Sheva tries to face the others but is shot. Chris and Claire, the only two unnafected by the seven deadly sins, run away but get corned soon enough. Karen Gordansky shows up and starts going on about how the footage will be great for her show, but get shot by Lara, and Claire screams. The vision ends, but shows a visual message of the seven virtues used to treat the seven deadly sins. Claire confides in Chris that night about the vision she just endured, but he toesses it aside and says there's nothing to worry about. 

Problems at the partyEdit

The next day, everyone begins a party for Heather's 18 Birthday at Lara's Second Estate. Rebecca Chambers shows up with Kid and Kold, who spark a memory in Darci's mind when they enter the garden, since Kold was the one who previously knocked out Darci in order for her body to be swapped with Claudias. Soon after everyone's arrival, Heather goes missing somewhere in the mansion and the group try to find her. Strange things start to happen around the place, however. Unusual lighting crashes begin to frequently occour and hurt people, like they're experiencing their deaths. When Heather is found kissing Steve in the pool room, she is taken outside and is greeted by Anaya. Everyone becomes starstruck at her presence, since she is dead. Heather introduces Kid and Kold to Anaya, and Lara becomes aware of them being at the party. Enraged at them being on her property since they are the enemy, she dismisses them angrily. As Lara escorts Kid and Kold to the front gates, and Rebecca learns the truth of them being traitors, Anaya takes Heather to an old building (with Felix following silently behind). She tells Heather that she will be able to see Amanda and Alister again. It becomes clear though when Heather enters the strange building that the person that brought Heather there is not Anaya at all, and it's acually Natla disguised as her. Meanwhile at the party, another flash of lightning makes everyone fall to the floor. Felix confronts "Anaya" and asks her of her true identity, in which she asks him the same question, and then another flash of lighting happens and Felix collapses. Heather becomes trapped in Helheim and Amelia finds Felix and brings him home. They inform the others of Anaya becoming evil. Soon after, whilst Darci and Bunny are looking after Alimanda, it transformes into a child like being and begins to speak. 

The Beginning of the EndEdit

The newly grown child Alimanda (whose gender still remains unknown) explains that he/she was sent by Ig-Naro, the alien that Darci, Bunny and Lara saved at Area 51 much earlier in the series. He/She also goes on to tell them how beings of their kind choose the form of a small child or animal to get close to the people that they are trying to help, and that he/she sent Claire visions so that she could save Alimanda from the South Pacific Island, and that if she hadn't saved he/she, they would have encountered Alimanda in a different form, and so Amanda and Alister were not killed as a result of Alimanda being saved, since he/she was not meant to die at all. The group become confused by this, but Alimanda tells them that there's no point going into detail about the story because there isn't time for it. He/she goes on to explain that Hel and her rules are being abused in Helheim, and that The Angel of Darkness has taken over and is reviving her old allies at will, and also sending the living to Helheim without even needing to kill them (Explaining how Heather became trapped in Helheim). Alimanda tells them more about the actions of Claire on the South Pacific, and that by saving the lives of five of her friends (being Bunny, Tom, Darci, Cate and Lara), she inevitably caused the death of one of her other friends. Unknown to Claire, however, was that the saviour of the sixth person causing a second friend to be killed was not actually Alimanda as she thought, and that it was actually herself. Claire would have died to if she had stayed on the Island. The last thing he/she tells them to do is find the Seven Virtues, which will help them succeed. As the group approach the strange building, Anaya (still Natla in disguise) comes to greet them outside. She makes the building explode, leaving a fiery pit, saying that the only way to save Heather is to follow her. They comply, although not sure of the circumstances, and jump down after her. Everyone gets separated. Darci and Claire get taken to a strange chapel type place, and Darci's Sloth trait becomes quite evident. She tries to convince Claire not to go outside, but Claire insists they need to find the others. Darci knocks down the chapel door and the two run through the zombie-infested graveyard, and soon find themselves on the Floating Castle. They find and save Tom, and also later save Sheva from the strange creatures and ghost-like spirits in the castle. Claire begins to realise that everyone's sinful traits are beginning to show and she leaves to find the others. However, Claire gets trapped in one of the rooms when she tries to find Chris' voice (although this turns out to be an allusion). Bunny arrives and breaks open the door with her tiara.

Finding the Virtues Edit

As the group comes together, everyones worst sin become unleashed. Everyone (apart from Claire and Chris) begins arguing in the strange kitchen type place, and Darci lies outside the room trying to sleep, demanding the group keep quiet. Everyone begins to disappear into their "tests" to find the virtues. Darci is the fifth person to disappear, and she gets taken to a strange blank place, with only a bed. Alexia's voice is heard saying: "It's not allowed her to think or to act, so take the endless void as a fact.". Darci wakes up, confused. Amanda's voice is also heard. She greets Darci, and tells her she will most likely die of boredom or hunger/thirst in this world. Darci then realises what the lighting bolts at Heather's party meant, since when they happened to her, she felt so hungry and thirsty that she though she would die from it. She explains how these deaths would occour if they all let their respective sins overwhelm them. Amanda doesn't do much to reassure her, and says that she may as well accept her fate. Darci's death becomes imenent, but she refuses to give up. She tries to find Amanda's voice, by running as fast as she can without stopping, overcoming her sin of being lazy. She runs until she finds the gate to escape the void. However, Darci refuses to go through the gate without finding Amanda first, so she does the same as before except she thinks only of Amanda this time, and finds her in a bed of her own. Darci finds her and Amanda appreciates her bravery, and she overcomes her sloth sin and wins the virtue. She hears Hel's voice this time, the same as she did Alexia's, and she says "Fortitude is a strength of the heart, an armour that nothing can tear apart.". Darci escapes the void and is reunited with everyone else.