Lara Croft
Lara Serie 2
Lara as she appears in CMA

Full name

Lara Croft

Age and birthday

36 years old, February 14th


Kaeko Trophie

Hair colour


Eye colour


Zodiac sign





Archeologist and also spy

Taken from

Tomb Raider



Lara Croft is one of the 6 heroes in the CMA series. She is also one of the 2 main Protagonists (The other being Cate ) and later in Episode 17, she joins UNITY. She helps in many ways in the series, and has many abilities. She has approximatly 20 years of Tomb Raiding and Archaeology behind her which has taught her a great deal about the world. Her abilities include punching breasts (a refrence to how huge her boobs are in the Tomb Raider games) that will either kill, or K.O the victim. She also has her signature dual pistols with infinate ammo (from the games). She has a great deal of finance which is also a upside to the team because it means they can go anywhere without having hassle to pay huge amounts money to get to a certain location. She has acrobatic and fighting moves to help, but she still constantly gets into trouble. Her mother;
Lara Spiel

Lara as she appears in Tomb Raider Underworld

Amelia Croft dissapeared when she was sixteen due to supernatural events. Lara got her back by saving her from the Underworld and thus, changing the past.

First appearance: Episode 1 - "Croft meets Archer"

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