Setsi Serie

SetsunaMaiou's avatar as she made it with The Sims 2

SetsunaMaiou is the creator of the Croft meets Archer series. Her "career" on YouTube started in 2007 when she discovered the wonders of Windows Movie Maker on her computer desktop. She started to make humorous videos such as; Funny Bunny; Furz, Lara furz!; Lara's farting Anniversary; Farts of the Underworld; the Dildo R(a)ider series; Merry Croftmas; Lara Croft is Jesus!; Die Amanda, DIE!; the Laughing Lara series or even Lara Croft's daily talkshow (which had only 2 episodes). Then someday she got bored of always doing the same footage with Tomb Raider games such as Legend, Anniversary and Underworld. SetsunaMaiou tried to put her two favorite video games' heroines together in the same video to see what happens. Croft meets Archer then had a second part, a third, a fourth and so on. So it has turned into episodes and her concept has become a series.

Appearances Edit

- Setsuna appears in Episodes 11 and 14 to tell the story of how Lara and Cate met in the alternative reality.

- She appeares as a cameo in the World Cup Special and the HELoween Special.

- She also appears in Episode 39 "Old aquaintance" for a very short time just to answer Cate when she asks herself if every man in this series is gay